Her is me.
Her is also other people.

herglassdiary is the idea of writing honest about my story and other people’s stories.

The name of this blog is intentional, as well as symbolic, and you may read more about its significance here.

Through it all, the author is me, Mikayla: a female college student. exploring a career in writing. Canadian-born with Italian and Argentine heritage. lover of coffee, dancing and adventure.

I like to write autobiographically, weaving pieces of my life into stories, poetry, and narrative alike. I like fiction too, and often, I fuse the two together, bringing elements of my story to life through the characters and memoirs of another.

More than anything, I am a lover of story. I believe every person has a wonderful tale of bravery and beauty, big or small in the eyes of the world — it is your story, of greatest significance to you. At the end of the day, that is all that matters.

I have an affinity for wonder. An adoration for minds that sincerely and desperately desire to understand. Souls that grapple with the mysteries of truth, humanity, and ultimate existence. Those that would rather spend their entire existence seeking truth lest they resign to passivity.  I have fallen in love with the beauty of wonder and exploration. It is beautiful, even divine, to see one that dives freely and fearlessly into the not-knowing and not-understanding. As Socrates said: “the unexamined life is not worth living.”



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