Sun flooded in chasmic streams through the kitchen window; I sipped lemonade from a 1950s wine glass. My gaze was locked on the sun’s rays bouncing colours off the rounded figure of my glass. The moment still, fleeting. I was mesmerized by the refracting of light.

In the next second, seemingly all at once, as if time moved as a single unit, the glass slipped from my hand and shattered its fragments across the marble floor. Glass spewed everywhere, pieces big and small, all shapes and sizes shimmering across the wood of our kitchen floor.

I thought about glass.

I thought about how its transparency reminds me of vulnerability, the act of trusting another person enough to let them see the most sacred parts of you, all the aching and joyful fragments.

I thought about how its fragility reminds me of what it is to be human, how easily we fall apart and delicately need to be loved.

Lastly, I thought about how its ability to refract light reminds me of how people can be our prism – casting their rays into us, so we may have colours to reflect boldly on the rest of the world. In their absence, we would be nothing more than a colourless, dull bag of bones and insufficiencies.

And so, I named my blog after glass.

I then I asked myself, what did I want this space to be about?

And I told myself that I did not want an endless series of clichés this world has heard a thousand times over. Nor did I want a conglomeration of neatly written posts on life lessons and stories with tidy endings.

No, instead, I want to write honest. Unprecedented by social expectations or religious standards. Untainted by fear that people will judge me for my words or ideas. In the midst of the thrashing for ugly and beautiful I want to write – not when I have crossed the bridge and safely made it to the other side – but to write as the questions scream, tears soak, and confusion pours out of every facet you once knew to be true.

I promise, in as best as I can, to remain true to the craft of writing. To not write to elicit pity or vomit emotional baggage, but to write honest: respectfully exploring the many elements of life. inviting you into my story. never telling you how to feel, but prompting you to think and feel and respond organically.

Welcome to my corner of the internet, I hope you stay.


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